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The scope of our activity is the provision of internet services for the distribution of content.

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Magna Pars in Latin means a Large of Part

Magna Pars creates services for the distribution of Internet content: video files, content for web designers and developers. We use advanced web technologies in our products and advise our partners in this direction. Click here to download the company's presentation.

Who We Are

Since its inception in 2012, Magna Pars's mission has been to help people
create and distribute their content on the Internet.
Magna has created and owns two products.

Fastcode.Space is an online store for digital products.Everything you need to get creative projects done. Bring your ideas to life with professional digital templates and developer resources. – is a video platform that includes: html video player, access to content video directory, content distribution network (CDN) and video advertise monetization tools.

Our Strategy

Happy Clients

Projects make

Maximum ROI

Happy Partners

What We Do

Web video player for website and mobile app

CDN platform for distribution video content

Catalogue of content for free distribution and resale

Online store for sales professional digital products

Developer script for creation video service

Advertising opportunities to monetize video traffic

Developed for startups and freelancers that need a high performing
and profitable video and digital stack

  • Platform
  • Player
  • CDN
  • Hosting
  • Scripts
  • Catalogues
  • Monetization
  • Store

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